Saturday Dec 09, 2023

How to Find a Reputable Company That Offers Custom Airbrushing

When you are looking for a company that can offer you custom airbrushing, you will want to make sure that you look for a company that is reputable and has a reputation for providing quality work. You will also want to take a look at the process, the cost, and the guarantee that you will be provided with.

About Ryan Townsend

Ryan Townsend’s talent for custom airbrushing came as a natural progression from his artistic background. He combines his drawing skills with a family trade, and he works hard to build his talent. As he develops his skills, Ryan constantly pushes his creative abilities to the limit. Whether it’s a painting, tattoo, or custom airbrushing, he seeks perfection.

Born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, Ryan began his artistic career when he was a teenager. While working for his father’s paint and body shop, he learned about the art of airbrushing. He worked for his father for the next five years and started to add tattooing to his resume. After college, Ryan moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts. There, he took an apprenticeship with Armando Saldana at Vatican Studios. During his time there, he also studied with Faith Estes.

When he met Faith, he found she was a talented airbrusher. Ryan learned a variety of techniques, including faux marble and faux wood graining. Using his Iwata Custom Micron CM brush, he sprays paint on a panel to create an image. His work consists of rendering the darkest shadows and filling mid tones with cool black. Once the image is completed, he cuts out the highlighted areas and prints it on computer paper.

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