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3D Crystal Peak Tower Photo Award

3D Crystal Peak Tower Photo Award

This 3D faceted tapered tower photo crystal award is the perfect way to recognize that special person or team for their accomplishments. With room for a 3D engraved image and an inspirational quote, this award will last forever!

Head into the area by using Desolate Dive in the mines or dropping down and hitting the Switch to open up another shortcut. From here prepare for a bit of platforming with revolving platforms, travellators and lasers.

The Forgotten Crossroads

This lookout tower was built in a remote location and comes complete with basic off-grid gear. Wolfe added solar lights and a setup for charging electronics. The secluded getaway is now available for rent on Airbnb.

This area is accessible from the Forgotten Crossroads or via King’s Pass west of Dirtmouth. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter is that the floor is covered in killer jars. Be sure to protect yourself. Hit the crystal switch at the bottom of this room to open a door, then make your way through. In this new section, you’ll find a Lizalfos that needs to be killed. At the end of this path, you’ll gain the Super Dash ability. Then, head down and to the right for a shortcut. You’ll need to be able to Super Dash across the crushers, which requires some precise timing. Our faceted taper tower photo crystals are the perfect way to reward accomplishments. These personalized awards feature plenty of space for your custom 3D engraved picture and a motivational quote or message etched on both sides.

The Crystal Cavern

Many stories of peril surround the dragon that slumbers here, but these never overshadow rumors of the cave’s great treasure. The gloomy rooms are a maze of malevolent crystals, and those who have dared venture inside have come away with all manner of riches.

The conditions in the cave push human physiology to the limit. It’s humid and hot, and the gypsum spears that line the floor are slippery with condensation. The explorers must walk carefully to avoid slipping and falling, and even a slight stumble can crack one of the crystalline beams.

When you’re done with the ruins you can Super Dash over to the next area. You’ll find the first Grub here and a Switch that unlocks a shortcut to the boss fight. The Crystal Guardian is a bit tricky to beat, with 385 health on the first encounter. He has a laser that he shoots from his arm and also sky lasers that fall from the ceiling.

The Crystal Heart

Located inside the Crystal Peak Tower is a large mirror that displays the five dragons. Anyone who looks into the mirror is inflicted with a curse that will turn them into one of the five dragons. Cid, Sara, Desch, and Alus must break the curse by standing in front of each dragon.

Kristie Wolfe is no stranger to a DIY project, having previously constructed a Hawaiian treehouse and a hobbit house in Washington State. Her latest venture, however, is a former fire lookout tower dating back to the 1950s that she’s transformed into an Airbnb rental.

The Secret Area

This dazzling 3D Crystal Peak Tower Award features both black and clear crystal to create an elegant tower of excellence. Perfect for recognizing your top employees and corporate awards presentation programs.

Once you enter the water-filled room after defeating the Dexihand, hit the crystal switch on the other side of this metal lattice with a Bomb or Spin Attack. Doing so will reveal a Stray Fairy, which is otherwise difficult to reach.

Dressmaker Kristie Wolfe has built some unusual structures in her life, including a Hawaiian treehouse and a hobbit house, but perhaps the strangest is her latest project: a 13-acre parcel of land in rural Washington state where she has converted an old fire lookout tower into an Airbnb rental.

The stage also returns as a map in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Itadaki Street Portable as part of the event music sequence “Eternal Wind”. It’s available to play as an Omega version when the downloadable content is activated.

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